Maxtern's Advertising & PR

With over 2 years experience in marketing planning and implementation, Maxtern's Advertising & Public Relations, Worldwide provides more than you expect to get in a boutique advertising agency. We will be your partner in developing in-store traffic, event planning and marketing, brand development and awareness, publicity and web development.

Our experience in industries of auto rental, groceries, orthopedics, tourism, entertainment, education and beverages prepares us to objectively build complete marketing solutions to reach a wide range of consumers, as well as businesses.

We not only want to anticipate your every marketing need, we want to fulfill them. In other words, it’s okay to expect more.

4 Reasons to Work With Us!

Although we might get a thrill out of the hunch as much as the next person, it is moderated by proper and thorough research of product, audience and competitive profile.

While we have the expertise of Peachtree Street, we are more affordable than the big agencies you might find there or on Madison Avenue. You’ll be hard pressed to find this type of finesse at our costs

 Nothing beats someone knowing marketing through experience. Because of the sheer volume and events, advertising and public relations we have produced, we’ve gained the undeniable track record for success.

Sure, many parties might talk the talk, but few are able to walk it through to completion the way we will do it. You will be amazed with our delivery and commitment to your project or brand